danny donuts, cpa- comic performance artist

Music Comedy


Danny Donuts and The Pair of D's Band

Danny's parodies have been played on Chicago radio and nationally on 

The Dr. Demento Show! A favorite at Chicago's Fest For Beatles Fans

Master of Ceremonies


The co-host of the World's Largest Beatles-inspired music festival, Abbey Road On The River, Danny has the experience to bring a high level of professionalism, humor and energy to your event. 

Family-Friendly Entertainment


With over 20 years experience of providing family-friendly entertainment to schools, libraries and festivals across the country, you'll see why everyone goes nuts for Danny Donuts!

Lucy, You got some 'splainin' to do!

Music Comedy

I guess I've been writing music parodies since I was in grade school. I discovered "Weird Al Yankovic" and thought, "Wow, this guy gets to make records and music videos... I want to do that too!". I remember writing "Lucy is Disguised As Linus," my parody of The Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" while I was in college. Seven or eifght years later, I performed that song in a contest at Beatlefest in Chicago and made the finals. Even though I didn't know it at the time, that day changed my life! I didn't realize that I found my tribe. The Beatles fan community embraced my creativity and I've been a part of it ever since. "Lucy Is Disguised As Linus" was also the first song I ever recorded. I went down to Big D's home studio in Vincennes, Indiana and recorded the song that also got me my first radio air play. Terri Hemmert gave me that thrill by spinning the disc on WXRT's "Breakfast With The Beatles." So 20 years after hearing "Weird Al," I'm fulfilling a major dream of getting my music comedy parody played on a major Chicago radio station! I've released two music comedy Christmas CDs, "Wacky Winterland" in 2005 and "Crabby Road" in 2009. Both CDs have had tracks played on the national radio airwaves on "The Dr. Demento Show.". and they are both still available for purchase through me. Contact me for details. I offer a unique entertainment service in that I write custom parodies. I've done it for birthdays, retirements, graduations, weddings and festivals. These can be performed live or I can make an audio recording or music video for the song. Give me a call at (773) 412-7780 and let's talk about how my music comedy talents can bring lasting memories to your special event.   

Master of Ceremonies

Handing me a microphone is like adding heat to a popcorn kernel! You'd probably never guess I was a shy kid. People used to try to get me to talk and I'd clamp my jaw shut. I guess I have to make up for all those words that I didn't use up in my youth. I get excited when I get to talk to an audience and I just can't stop that exuberant energy from coming out when I get to be an emcee. Bands come up to me all the time and compliment me on the introductions I give them.  It always surprises me because I'm just being me. I guess it comes to me naturally. Being a natural chatterbox, I found I make a good auctioneer too. If you have a need for an emcee or auctioneer, give me a call and let's talk! 773-412-7780

Family-Friendly Entertainment

In 1999, when my summer job of being a Michigan sand dune tour guide ended, I set off on the path of being a school assembly performer. My focus was teaching kids about positive energy, healthy humor and encouraging them to express their creativity. I offered to customize my show to fit whatever character education traits the school was working on. When a principal asked me to do an "April Is Reading Month" show, I built a show around that and that led to my "Encouraging Kids To Read" shows that have become my popular library show. Since most libraries have Summer Reading Programs with a specific theme, I'm back at customizing my shows to fit the library's theme, My festival and Birthday Party shows can still be educational but focus more on silly entertainment. A Danny Donuts kid show usually combines elements of clowning around, music comedy, getting kids up and dancing, fun characters and costumes, improv comedy and a positive message to live life to its fullest! I'm always interested in exploring the possibilities of how my family-friendly entertainment can be a fit for you! Call me at (773) 412-7780. 

The Yellow Submarine

In 2008, with the help of Joe McGuan and his family's playground equipment company, I built a Yellow Submarine out of used playground equipment to be a part of The Yellow SubMorons Rutles Tribute Band's ever-growing circus. The Yellow SubMorons were gaining popularity at Abbey Road On The River, and we put on fun, interactive shows and festival-wide parades. The Sub became a staple at Abbey Road On The River and made multiple appearances at Chicago's Fest For Beatles Fans, Whiting, Indiana's Pierogi Fest and Beatles At The Ridge in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. There's even a photo in it from Ringo Starr's 2019 photography book, "Another Day In The Life"  I designed and built a new Submarine in 2016 and crossed Lake Michigan with it (well, we were on the Badger, a Lake Michigan Carferry) to attend Manitowoc, Wisconsin's SubFest. The Submarine is available for parades, festivals, events, photos and videos. 

The Abbey Roadster

In 2019, in honor of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles, "Abbey Road" album, I designed and built The Abbey Roadster. The base is a hidden electric scooter that I sit on and become George crossing the road. There are six styrofoam wig heads (3 on each side) and movable "walking" legs and arms. The front and back of the roadster is made to look like the 28IF VW Beetle that is also on the cover of the album. The Abbey Roadster is also available for parades, festivals, events, photos and videos.   

Stand Up Comedy

I'm available to do a clean standup Danny Donuts comedy show, which includes a lot of my music comedy, but I'm also managing the stand up comedy career of Mason Dixon. I highly recommend checking him out HERE